Profectus Films GmbH protects the environment: In production and beyond!

Climate neutrality

We compensate for all products produced by Profectus Films GmbH and the associated CO2 emissions through use of renewable energies and climate protection certificates for use of 100 % renewable energy for our power as well as First Climate emission reduction certificates for our complete gas consumption.

100% recycling of production waste

Almost all production processes generate waste. But for Profectus Films, waste is not just waste! We grind down our waste in state-of-the-art regeneration systems and return it to the production process as recycled granulate – 100 % of it! This saves material and is beneficial for the environment.

Generating heat instead of wasting it

Profectus Films GmbH does not waste thermal energy. Since the start of production in 2017, we have been using heat recovery systems developed in part by the engineers of Profectus Films GmbH. They recover energy generated during the production process and return it to the heating and ventilation systems. This means our complete company has been able to heat itself – all year long.

Water-based printing ink

As there is no need for exhaust air treatment and due to the reduction in CO2 otherwise generated by burning ethanol, we are able to reduce the CO2 emissions generated while processing water-based ink in our printing process by more than 70 % compared to the processing of solvent-based ink!