Environmental policy

Our success is based on reliability and innovation and is closely linked with the well-being of our employees, our business partners and the environment. Responsible treatment of raw materials, energy and all necessary resources characterises our philosophy. Through the introduction of ISO 14001 and the associated publication of our environmental activity, we inform customers, suppliers, employees, neighbours and the interested public about our environmental performance.

Sustainability as part of our company strategy

Our actions as a company, the design of our operational processes and any associated decisions are based on economic, ecological and social factors. We do not use solvents for our printing ink to protect the global climate. We steadily lower our energy consumption and invest in modern climate- and resource-protecting operating equipment and building maintenance.

Treatment of resources

We reduce the environmental effect of our company as much as possible and conserve materials, energy, water and other resources and goods. We invest in the use of renewable energy and use the best available technology for new investments.

Social responsibility and communication

We are an independent, responsible, medium-sized production company. We rely on innovation, recyclable materials and renewable resources and contribute to the sustainable protection of our environment, for the sake of the people of today and tomorrow. We are in an open dialogue with the interested public and provide relevant information. We maintain trusting cooperation with authorities, associations and other institutions.

Legal requirements as minimum requirements

We undertake to adhere to all legally mandated environmental requirements and all other binding regulations. We view these legally mandated environmental requirements as minimum requirements, which we don’t just fulfil, but try to steadily surpass on our own initiative.

Process of continuous improvement

We document and monitor the effects of our activities on the environment and society to detect weaknesses and base options for improvements on these. These are implemented as specific targets and measures and reviewed at regular intervals.

Motivation for sustainable action

We motivate employees, customers, suppliers and contractual partners to be environmentally conscious and sustainable in their actions. Our employees receive information and training in the field of environmental protection in a business context and can submit suggestions for improvement with regard to environmental protection and sustainability.

Information for the public

We regularly provide information about our environmental achievements.