Our Mission Statement

We are a first-class, market-focused developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, flexible films and packaging and offer tailor-made solutions from a single source. Our success is based on the principles of reliability and innovation. We are a world leader in our markets.

Customer-oriented policy

  • Our goal is absolute customer satisfaction through high performance.
  • We want to be better, faster and more innovative than the competition to satisfy our customers.
  • Anything that does not help our customers is a waste of time and resources and we avoid such waste in a sustainable manner.

Employee-oriented policy

  • We are the basis of our own success.
  • We keep promises and schedules. We work with openness, honesty and fairness toward each other.
  • We listen to each other and respect each other’s opinions.

Our philosophy

  • We are an independent, medium-sized production company.
  • We give it our all and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We all have high demands of ourselves.
  • We create and maintain jobs by making a profit.


  • We are always on the look-out for partnerships and collaborations with customers, suppliers and service providers.
  • Our aims are long-lasting connections based on reliability and fair terms.
  • Our cooperation partners are “best of class”.


  • We are one of the technological leaders in flexible plastics processing.
  • We focus on promoting new ideas among our employees and on developing future-proof innovations.


  • Only the top quality of our products and services allows us to achieve customer satisfaction and enthusiasm.
  • Our processes are clearly structured, we recognise their usefulness and follow them strictly.
  • We, meaning each individual employee, share responsibility for the quality of our company.
  • Each of us has the opportunity to suggest improvements and report complaints at any time.

Environment-oriented policy

  • We are convinced that our medium- to long-term results will be better, if we are responsible and environmentally aware in our actions.
  • It goes without saying that we meet legal requirements, guarantee the safety of people and nature and comply with the demands of ISO 14001.